The travel industry needs to do a big comeback.  In order to get people booking travel now for next year, they are offering insane deals.  You could go on a bucket list trip for a fraction of what it would have cost you a year ago, PLUS most places are waiving their change fees so if you book your bucket list trip now for next year, and then need to change your dates, it costs you nothing. 

As a Travel Agent, I can negotiate free upgrades for you and get you deals not available to the public, AND if you need to change your dates, I’ll take care of all of the rebooking for you, PLUS, I’ll design you an ideal trip based on your specific needs and desires and take care of every single detail. 

NOW is THE perfect time to book your travel for next year.  As things fill up, the prices will go up.  Booking now through me gives you an incredible advantage.


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  • The #1 benefit of using a travel agent when it comes to booking your travel is because travel is their expertise. ...

  • Destination knowledge

  • Convenience

  • Cost savings

  • Relationships

  • Travel assistance

  • Decreased stress



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"Planning trips can be a real hassle

and time-consuming. Extra stress I don't like to have. Using Roam With Roan Travel was the best idea I had. Took away all the unnecessary stress of planning a trip. She is friendly as all can be and made things easy.

Definitely will use again."

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" I was extremely satisfied with my experience with Roam with Roan Travel. Everything that I was looking for was accomplished. I will definitely use her services again."

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"Roan is very timely and efficient.

She made my booking a

vacation rather enjoyable.

I will be booking with her again.

Thank you, Roam with Roan Travel."